The Price of Being a Woman Online | Care2 Causes


“To me, my blog was an extension of my friends and family. So when I became pregnant for the first time, I joyfully shared an ultrasound of the child to be. That was when he went beyond standard trolling and crossed into much more personal territory. He took the image and reposted it on his own site. He doctored it, adding a small helmet on the crown of the head.

He told his readers that they needed to step up and help protect it, since, as a supporter of abortion rights, I was months down the road eventually going to stab it through the skull and ‘late term abort it.'” – Robin Marty

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4 thoughts on “The Price of Being a Woman Online | Care2 Causes

      • If Nikki’s experience hadn’t been so gruesome it would have been hilarious, Cendrine. Some of the things that madman did – even doctoring a picture of Nikki’s daughter to make her like look a monster – were just unbelievable. By all means drop Nikki a note and ask her to comment on this thread -say I suggested it. She’s on (She’s an internet marketing/SEO expert, too.)

      • I agree, Suzan. I was just commenting on the very smart way she dealt with it all. Yes, it’s gruesome. So, the more people talk about it, the more others will eventually realize the errors of their ways.

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