Silent War – A short film to raise awareness of Domestic Violence.


Silent War was made by Human Voice Productions “with zero budget for zero profit.”

Mark Anthony Games:

“All cast and crew were volunteers and music was provided with full consent and no fee by Ronin, Cherry Suede, Matthew Fisher & Jared Newbery. This film does contain violent scenes and features language that some viewers may find offensive.”

“I have only been making films since March 2013 and it is my goal and aspiration to represent social issues in a medium which is easy to communicate. I write and make films for one reason only, I believe that being open and honest about our emotions and sharing our true selves is a vital part of healing. The world would be a far better place if we were given the room to be honest and truthful. So many souls have been contaminated by the restrictions and suppression of our denial infested society. If we all shared more we would see that we are not the only ones who suffer, so many other souls suffer in silence. Life should not be a silent war. I would be a hypocrite if I did not share my voice as part of this process (Human Voice, 2013).”

To contact Mark and Human Voice Productions, visit


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