The faces of homelessness. Photos by TEDxRosario speaker Pachi Tamer, who uses Instagram to share his portraits of people who live on the streets of the world’s metropolises. 

In his talk, Pachi (@cachafaz) reveals how the project was born:

I was using Instagram like any other — taking pictures of a sky, a bird — until one day I met this man [living on the street]. I asked him for a portrait, gave him a dollar for the photo, and he told me his story.

Since that day, I focused on taking portraits of people in the street, uploading the pictures along with their names and sometimes their stories. In them, I found the family I was missing.

Watch Pachi’s whole talk here. (WARNING: NSFW. He goes full monty at 16:00 — a first for TEDx, for sure, but it’s all in the name of social justice, guys.)


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